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Family court is stressful for everyone involved. The cases in family court are high-stakes, and every party’s emotions are running high. With over half of marriages ending in divorce, the courts are as busy as they’ve ever been.

In this kind of environment, you need a specialist to advocate for you and your family. A good family lawyer will be able to improve your case outcomes and ensure that your family has what it needs to survive.

David Chilek is an experienced family law attorney that works tirelessly to ensure his clients get better case outcomes either in court or through mediation.

If you’re going to go to family court, contact David today to schedule an in-depth case review and consultation.
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Areas of Practice

  • Divorce

    Emotions run high during a divorce. As your divorce attorney, David Chilek will work tirelessly in mediation and court to ensure you get better case outcomes.

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  • Child Custody

    The custody of a minor child is often a point of contention between former romantic partners. As your custody lawyer, David will ensure you–and your child–are protected.

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  • Child Support

    Child support is closely related to child custody, and they’re typically negotiated at the same time. David Chilek will ensure your support payments are appropriate.

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  • Adoption

    Adoption is an often intensive legal process. Whether you’re adopting a child or an adult, David can help you navigate the paperwork and legal requirements to adopt.

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  • Modifications

    If you and your child’s other parent have an existing court order, it’s unlikely that it will always fit your needs. David can help you negotiate and install a modification order to help.

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  • Enforcement

    If you have a court order that the other party is ignoring, a family attorney can bring the matter before the judge so that they can enforce the order.

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How David’s Different.

Focused on Results

During your consultation, David spends time discussing the goals of your case. He then finds the method that will work best to achieve them.

Advocate & Advisor

David is a tireless advocate for his clients, and his breadth of legal experience in both civil and criminal cases directly benefits his clients.

Trial & Mediation Experience

David’s legal career has allowed him to practice in and out of the courtroom, and he’s as prepared for trial as he is mediation.

Chilek Law

About David

“I’ll advocate for my clients to the ends of the Earth"

David Chilek wasn’t sure about becoming an attorney, but his mom sure was. She saw David’s propensity for in-depth research, arguing, and helping others as a benefit to any legal career.

Those characteristics define his practice to this day. As your attorney, David will work tirelessly to improve your case outcomes. He’s an experienced mediator and litigator, ensuring that–no matter where your case is resolved–he’ll be able to better serve your interests.

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There Are Two Sides to Every Story.

Let David Help You Tell Yours.

Family court is difficult for all of the parties involved. These courts determine what you can and can’t do with the things that matter most in your life–your home, your children, and your the rest of your life.

In these cases, emotions run high, and each party has a story to tell. The stakes when telling that story are as high as they can be. That’s why you need an advocate on your side to help present your case to the judge.

A divorce or separation is often one of the hardest things a person will go through in their life. It is ultimately a business negotiation, though. You need an experienced mediator–and litigator, if it comes to it–on your side, fighting for your interests.

As your family law attorney, David Chilek will help you navigate this difficult time, providing compassionate and effective legal advice throughout.


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Whether you’re preparing to divorce or you’re about to have a custody battle, the first step is contacting David and scheduling an in-depth case evaluation. At this session, David will help you understand your options and how he can help you.