Advocating for You in Complex Adoptions

Adopting a child is more than deciding to adopt. It’s a process with legalities involved. In order to adopt a child or adult, you’ll need an accomplished family lawyer on your side.

David Chilek is an experienced family law attorney serving the Tyler, TX, area, and he’s helped dozens of families and individuals through the legal process of adoption.

He has experience with both child and adult adoptions, and his tireless work ethic will help ensure you get the result you’re looking for.

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  • Child Adoption Attorney in Tyler, TX

    If you’re looking to open your home to a child, you’ll need to first see if they and you qualify for adoption. After determining if you qualify, you’ll need to begin the legal paperwork to make the adoption official.

    The adoption process can take time, but an experienced and dedicated family attorney can help usher you through the process. As your adoption lawyer, David Chilek will work tirelessly to ensure your adoption is set up to succeed.

Adult Adoption Attorney in Tyler, TX

Adoption isn’t just for infants and young children. Adults frequently look to be adopted by step-parents, grandparents, and other adults that they grew up around. Just like adopting a younger child, this process can be quite involved.

This process begins with a conversation between you and the adult you wish to adopt. Once you figure out the specifics, you’ll need an adoption lawyer to help ensure that you’re eligible to adopt.

David Chilek is an experienced family attorney that can help usher you through the adult adoption process. Contact our offices to schedule an in-depth case review and consultation.