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In divorces and separations, children are often the biggest point of contention. Who gets primary custody of the child and when they get that custody is often the biggest part of that.

Child support is directly related to child custody. It’s also often a point of contention. In a lot of cases, the laws for determining child support in Texas don’t work very well. The wealthy often pay less than they should, while the poor often pay more than they are able.

David Chilek is an experienced family law attorney that’s dedicated to improving his client's case outcomes. In a child support case, that means helping them–through mediation or litigation–get child support and enforcement that works for their child.

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  • How is Child Support Calculated in Texas?

    In a custody agreement where one parent has the child less than 50% of the time, that parent is expected to pay child support. The amount they’re supposed to pay is based on their income.

    In Texas, the non-custodial parent is required to pay 20% of their income in child support for one child, with each additional child added 5%. This amount is capped at $9200 per month.

    This income is taken from the amount of money that the non-custodial parent is paid, but in instances where they’re self-employed or unemployed, it can be difficult to collect child support.

    David Chilek can help.

  • How is Child Support Enforced in Texas?

    Part of a child support order is enforcement, and your child support is enforced by the Office of the Attorney General of Texas.

    In Texas, the OAG processes billions of dollars in child support each year. This means that the office can be very slow with updates, enforcement, inquiries, and everything else related to your child support case.

    Every county in Texas has a local child support office, and most inquiries need to begin there–whether you have a lawyer for your child support case or not.

    The system can be difficult to navigate and slow to respond, but an experienced family attorney can help guide you through the process.

  • Does My Child Support Order Last Forever?

    Child support orders are designed to last until the child reaches 18 or graduates from high school, whichever comes last.

    During that time, if your situation changes, your child support order can change along with it. For instance, if the non-custodial parent makes more or less money, you’ll need to file a modification to the order.

    If custody changes, you’ll also need to file for a modification through the Attorney General’s office.

    At your consultation, David will be able to help you understand if a modification is needed and what steps the two of you can take to get it done.

A Child Support Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Whether you’re a custodial or non-custodial parent, navigating a child support case–and the Office of the Attorney General–can be difficult.

As your child support attorney, David Chilek will work tirelessly to find a solution to your case that meets the needs of you and your children.

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