Effective & Efficient Advocate for Modification & Enforcement of Existing Court Orders

Things change–sometimes very quickly. What might have worked for you at one point may no longer be a good fit. Your circumstances may have changed.

If your circumstances have changed, your court orders should be adjusted to fit those changes. As an experienced family attorney, David Chilek can help.

He’s helped dozens of East Texans modify or enforce existing court orders, and his tireless effort will ensure that he gets you the best possible outcome for your case.

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Modification & Enforcement For

  • Child Custody

    Custody arrangements often need to be adjusted as time goes on. David can help you find the custody agreement that works best for your current situation.

    If you’re seeking help enforcing a custody agreement, David’s experience in and out of the courtroom will help you get a positive result.

  • Child Support

    If you’re a non-custodial parent who makes more or less than you used to, you may need to get a support modification, and David can help make that situation simpler and faster.

    If you’re a custodial parent who isn’t receiving their support, David can be your advocate in the courtroom and with the Attorney General’s office to ensure that your support order is fully enforced.

  • Relocation

    Relocating when you have a court order in effect can be difficult, but David is here to help you find the best solution that will meet your needs.

    If your former partner is moving out of state and it will directly affect you, David can help you get an enforcement order to limit how much it does.

  • And More

    No matter what your situation is, David Chilek’s experience as a dedicated family lawyer can help you get an improved outcome.