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Advocating for Better Case Outcomes

David Chilek is dedicated to helping families and individuals get the best outcomes for their cases possible.

As an advocate and litigator, he believes that it’s his responsibility to help his clients and ensure that they’re cared for throughout their cases.

As a family law attorney, he understands that his clients are undergoing major life changes. He factors that into the client experience. He ushers each client through the process while advocating for their interests–legally or otherwise.

As an experienced family lawyer, he understands that an adversarial approach may be necessary, but it’s never his first strategy. He fights for the best outcome for his client, whatever that looks like, based on their needs.

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About David

At the urging of his mother, David decided to pursue in a career in law. Throughout college and law school, he found that his interest in debate, research, advocacy, and assisting others helped him succeed as an attorney.

After graduating from law school, he spent time as prosecutor for the city of Tyer, litigator in consumer debt related matters, general civil litigation, and finally in family law litigation. It’s this unique combination of experience which allows David to advocate for his clients–inside and outside of the courtroom.


Our Goal is Compassionate Advocacy

As an experienced family lawyer, David understands the unique strains and challenges of his clients. The stakes are always high, and each client is on the precipice of major change and upheaval.

Our firm is motivated by a desire to help our clients during this trying time. As we advocate for the best outcome, we also strive to help our clients lean into their new life and acclimatize to their new surroundings.